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Guess the Celebrity

So you think you know everything about your favorite celebrity? You know what movies they've been in, you know who they are dating, you know their favorite types of food, you even know what hotel they are staying in this weekend and where they will be at 3:00pm on Sunday. This can only mean one of two things. Either (1) You have severe stalker tendencies and need to be locked up immediately never to see the light of day again, or (2) You are totally ready to play Student Center's GUESS THE CELEBRITY, the hottest sensation on the internet. Here's the deal: pretend that you are your favorite celebrity. Then I'll try to guess who you are (yes I have stalker tendencies too) by asking you yes and no questions. When I guess who you are you'll be shocked, bewildered, amazed, and maybe even a little giddy.

Have fun, and try not to report me to the stalker police - I'm just a computer.

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